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Booking with StreetLife Disco, is booking with confidence. We provide crystal clear music, stunning light shows, and wonderful entertainment, presented by our professional DJ with years of entertainment, and broadcast experience.

We have many years of experience and have hosted thousands of parties. We’ll help you get the most out of your event and give your guests the best, most memorable experience possible

We’re confident that they will be talking about your night for years to come.

Book with confidence. Book Streetlife Disco and make your event the best it can be. We are here to help you, every step of the way.

We're available for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations. If you're having a party, make it a Streetlife Disco Party!

Make your party the memorable it deserves to be. We don’t settle for second best. Why should you?

Our professional career DJ has built a special set of skills that only pure dedication to the art form can accumulate.

In addition to being a fantastic live performance DJ, his accolades include voice-overs for the BBC, Television appearances, years of broadcast, night-club, bar and mobile disco experience. 

We can help you plan the running order of your event. We've posted a handy guide below with top tips for the perfect party.

Book a Streetlife Disco, and we'll give you access to our extensive industry contacts including bands, singers, magicians, celebrity appearances and more.

Are you a bit "extra"? We can provide special effects including confetti, dry ice, bubbles, snow and more. 


Ready for a party?

Its not a party, without a Streetlife Disco


Its not a party, without a Streetlife Disco

Top Tips for the PERFECT party

Choose the right venue

Choose a room for your party that isn't too big. If the room is too vast, your guests will look and feel lost in the space. Think "intimate" they're your friends and family after all.

Bar in the same room

Pick a venue where the bar is in the same room as the disco. Guests naturally gather in the bar, keep everyone together and the atmosphere will be MUCH better.

Plan for more, expect fewer

Only around 75% of your confirmed guests will turn up. Invite more people than you need, but be prepared to cater for everyone.

The party, is about your guests

Whether it's a wedding reception, birthday or corporate event, the party is about your guests and THEIR enjoyment.

Don't go too late

You might be ready to party until the early hours, but your guests probaby won't. Most people go home around 11pm, so don't push the party too late. End with a busy room wanting more.

NO sound limiter

A venue that limits the sound levels, ruins the party. Volume is ESSENTIAL to creating the proper party atmosphere. Always ask if the venue has a sound limiter. If they do, book somewhere else.

Let it happen

Don't push the natural flow of the night. Its good to have a plan, but keep it loose. A party will unfold naturally, people will dance when they dance, eat when they eat. Go with it, enjoy it.

Keep the flow going

Don't keep stopping the music for "happenings" like speeches or food. Wait until everyone has eaten, speeches have been made and cakes have been cut before ramping up the party.

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